A story in the park .7

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He found me on my usual morning meanderings through the park, which I knew he would. This part of my day is usually medititive, I always follow the same route by habit so that no decision making crosses my free train of thought. There are rarely interruptions of any kind except the weather or maybe a, ‘good morning’ from a dog walker but for those I have unconscious responses. He appeared from around one of the tall beeches at the head of the park by the folly. Greeting me with a simple ‘hello’ and in that one word his voice had loaded everything.

‘Good morning, you’re a nice surprise’
‘Am I?’
‘Absolutely you are, I’ve been thinking about you’
‘I thought that you might’, he slid his hands around my waist. ‘In what way?’
I wanted to show him, desperately wanted it but I kissed him lightly on the forehead. ‘Let’s walk’.
The park swept down around a large lake, it was too early for the boats but the boat house cafe was just opening. The young waitress putting the tables outside shouted back, ‘with you in a minute’ as we pushed through the double doors into the shabbily charming art deco interior. We took a table by the window overlooking the water flashing in the bright low sun. Outside on the lake, boats for hire were moored.

‘We used to come here in summer, from art college and take one of those. There’s an island in the middle where the lake gets really wide, you can land there.’
‘Like Swallows and Amazons?’
He ignored the reference.
‘It’s covered in huge rhodedendron bushes, they’re hollow inside so no-one can see you from the shore.
You’re completely hidden.’

The waitress appears and breaks the reminiscence, ‘Sorry about that, if I don’t get the tables out front by ten sharp he goes barmy’.
She indicated the open door at the right of the counter with a nod, ‘he’s not a morning person isn’t Tom.
Right what can I get you boys?’.

I ordered a tea, Marcus opted for a bacon sandwich then changed his mind, ‘Actually, no, I’ll just have coffee. I’m keeping an eye on my figure’. He winked and my mind flashed to an image of him naked, half emerged from his wolf skin.

‘I seduced a friend from college on that island. I teased him that I wouldn’t row him back unless he paid the ferryman’
‘Was that seduction?’ I asked ‘Or coercion?’
‘Just fun. I tied him against a tree with his arms above his head’
‘He trusted you?’
‘He totally wanted it’
He fixed me across the table with that same look, those predators’ eyes.
‘When I slid his jeans down over his hips he was already hard as rock’
‘One tea, one coffee and two buttered tea cakes courtesy of his lordship back there. Give us a shout if you want anything else boys’
‘She fancies you’, Marcus amused himself.
‘I think maybe it’s you as the love interest in this scene boyo’
He bit into his teacake, the butter oozed down over his chin.
‘Anyway I made him come twice then he begged me to come over him. Which I did but only after he’d said please’

His obvious relish in the retelling of his experience was a delight.

‘How did it make you feel? Do you remember?’
‘Remember? No way I could forget. He was a posh boy, public school. He had that arrogance they have, that certainty about everything and yet there he was on his knees licking my balls. It gave me a buzz.’
His parents were seriously loaded, they had a holiday gaff in the country so he drove us out there one time. Cool place, it had outbuildings, like stables and stuff.’

Marcus was playing with me, reading my responses.
He sipped his coffee and turned to the window.

‘He had some stuff there ready, buried under some straw in a wooden box. Rope, handcuffs…’
He started laughing, ‘…a riding crop, harness and this black hood’
‘Hood?!’ His laugh was infectious.
‘Yep, hood and this other mask, one of those half face things from Venice. That was black too, made me look mean when I wore it’ I couldn’t hold back from smiling again, ‘You liked that?’
‘A lot. At first I thought it was kind of cheesy but once I had him tied up in this stable, just like he asked, I sort of got into it. I tied his hands, threw the rope over a high beam, drew it until his arms were stretched then hitched it to a hook. I used the crop on him right across his hard ass. It made him cry out, he was loving it, his big dick springing up every time he joked with the pain.’
‘So you’ve a little sadist in there?’
‘I sat on a straw bale in front of him, stripped to my pants and the mask. I jerked myself off slowly. Torturing him with the show, loving how his dick was straining out towards me, watching the agony of frustrated desire in his expression. Then In she walks’
‘This posh bird, mid thirties, all done up, country type. I was stoned at the time so I just took it in my stride. She walks right up, kissing him, starts fondling his dick and then straight at me, ‘Let’s really make him squirm shall we?’
She undresses in front of me, I look at him, he gives me a nod so I just went with it’
‘With what?’
‘Their whole scene thing. She straddled me, lowering herself onto it real slow looking back at him over her shoulder and then we fucked while he watched. It was weird but cool. Made his dick twitch like a metronome.When she sensed I was coming she told me to let him down. She was offering herself on all fours over the bale. He went at her like a mad bull, slammed his hot angry fat dick square into her. She was urging him on, ordering him to do it harder, hurt her with it. He was like a beautiful fucking machine, pistoning in and out. I wished I could’ve filmed it.’
As he was telling me this his eyes grew brighter.
‘Did it do it for you?’
‘I was horny as hell, my legs were shaking’
‘Where did it go?’
‘They came quickly and then it was my turn. They tied me up. Taking it in turns to play with me, teasing me and then they fucked again, slowly this time. I was literally insane with the urge to come, crazy with it. Watching him going into her again, watching the hard ridges on his dick pulsing. Then it happened.’
His eyes were wide, his pupils enlarged.
‘What happened?’
‘I just started coming. it bulged up around the base and I couldn’t control it, it erupted, wave after wave of come. Seemed to go on forever, it was like a well head pumping me out.’
‘I’d like to see that’
He grinned.
‘Well, maybe we could work on it?’


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