Recall .5

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I awoke, thank heaven, back home and in my own clean crisply laundered bed. Sunlight streamed into the room. Everything is white. I began to indulge myself in recalling the events of last night and the reappearance of the face from the train. Providence never failed to surprise me.
He was uneasy beneath me I could tell but he kept cool, ‘dominant’s your gig I’m guessing?’, ‘Yes it is, I appreciate a certain amount of…well, power I suppose, for want of a better word’. It sounded corny but that’s how it is. I unbuckled my belt and with the spear end traced invisible spirals over his skin letting it drag over his nipples and down into his navel. I teased it around his lips and he bit down on it. ‘Here is the deal, are you listening?’ Looking back at me and nodded once. ‘You will act under my instruction, do exactly as I say, you will be mine and I will reward you well for it.’ As I spoke I took the belt and collared him with it. He was compliant, angling his head up but never losing eye contact. His adams’ apple moved under his long white throat. I sat back and took the weight off him completely looking down at his still fiercly erect dick. A bead of fore cum formed at the tip and trickled down his side, ‘What do you say?’. A cocky smile gave me his answer but the sentence that followed however came straight out of the sun. ‘I’ve been watching you for months, figuring you out’. I first saw you in Skellman’s Bookshop, you were behind the glass doors in the antiquarian bit, I was in the art section, getting off on some Dulac illustrations. I waited and followed you. Eventually I wanted you to see me, it was harder than I expected but then on the train you did.’ The mention of that moment made me smile, ‘You certainly caught my eye.’
‘I’ve imagined how this might turn out and you haven’t let me down but I have a condition too…’. ‘Ok, go on’, ‘…that you never ask anything about me. Where I’m from, my real name, birthday, nothing.’ I stood and leaning on the high fire mantel took another swig of the sweet pink filth. ‘Your compliance for my ignorance? It looks like we have a deal Marcus’. ‘Then hadn’t we better seal it?’.

Orange light showing moving shapes in clips. Across the side of him, pectoral, ridged lats, deltoid, angle of hip. Calf muscle, thigh tensed, limbered loin offering himself upwards. ‘Work on it, show me how you pleasure yourself Marcus’. He drew the soft skin down, holding tight at the base, the other hand feathering from balls to tip. It quivered erect at the pressure beteen his fingers. Lightly he starts to work himself, ‘I want to see you coming you horny little fucker. Squirt the life out of those tight hot glands of yours’. Digging his heels in he stretched full length arching upwards, ‘Pump it out onto yourself, get that white stuff moving and give me a show’. He writhed, tensing muscles like living sculpture as the steady rythmic manipulation of his member made him groan, wanton, spread out across the deep velvet cushions like a huge lean cat, head thrown back over the arm. Struck breathless by the beauty of his body and its’ movement lust tore through my self control. In a moment, stripped to the waist I was over that face, his tongue flickering under my balls, lapping hungily as I worked my own huge dick. Watching him on his, matching his rhythm. His breathing quickened to panting, he was coming, ‘let it go, I want to see it.’ It exploded out of him, jetting up and out from it’s pulsing well head and splashing over his chest. ‘Rub your cock in my cum, come on me, press that thick hot dick onto me’. His pleading nearly pushed me over the edge but pinching myself hard I faced and straddled him, rubbing myself in the warm white pools, spreading a slick coating over him. His hands were back on my body. The wet friction overwhelmed me, my nuts were tightening and my cum was flooding out over him. Our mouths found each another and we were one spasming jerking mess of cum slicked muscle.

I could feel his rod prodding against my perineum, he was still rock hard. I slid down, allowing him to rub it against me and he started to come again. ‘See what you’re doing to me?’

We lay on the sofa for what seemed like hours until the fire died down and he was dead to the world. I drew a tapestry throw over his spent form and dressing quietly unlocked the room.


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