Blue white light from the small screen described the contours of the boys’ body against the dark of the room. Laying back into an oversizc4e91beb478e45bbbf2c75c5928c227bed reclining chair he floated in black space, head tilted back, beautiful long neck shaping down into lean sinuous shoulders. Well proportioned, subtle muscletone neatly cut under flawless skin. Twenty three, lower lip quivering as he brought himself to a powerful climax. The cum in slow motion pulsing in arcs over his tensed abdominals from the glistening head of his thick, smooth cock. Falling in pearly droplets, running down over his hand. The spasm rippling outwards through his body, arching his back, lifting him, his taut long limbs braced against the footrest. Thrust upward, pulsing, draining him deep from his core, the animal jerking motion from the hip. A long low growling moan and releasing the spent force he is moulding back into the chair, drawing in, closing up like a night flower. Softly stroking his own chest he slips into sleep under the still flickering glow of the screen. Outside the window in the tall trees opposite the house, an owl leaves its perch on silent wings to hunt the night.


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